MICROTECH SYSTEM INC. sincerely promised to be with our customers with the world-best technology, quality, consumer-centered mind, new-technology-based market-leading products as a philosophy.

MICROTECH SYSTEM INC. is a system design speciality enterprise which is in possession of lots of experience and know-how in each area covering from H/W design to S/W development.

MICROTECH SYSTEM INC. is in possession of various technologies from A/V product development during the initial period of its foundation up to wireless presenter development & sale using space recognition technology, various products development using Haptic technology, Bluetooth module development & applied products development.

MICROTECH SYSTEM INC. has been also doing technology support of Linux&Android-based product development as an official Korea agency of the AP chip manufacturer-Rock chip since 2015.

All executives and staff members of MICROTECH SYSTEM INC. are making their utmost in one mind to become a constant go-ahed enterprise through securing cutting edge technical strength in response to this rapidly changing era, thorough schedule management, and introduction of new products into the market.


All of the Executives and Employees at MICROTECH SYSTEM INC.

All of the executives and employees at MICROTECH SYSTEM INC. are making efforts to develop good products which can meet a customer’s needs.


MICROTECH SYSTEM INC. earnestly promises come forward with a fearless mind for making a challenge for something new at all times.