Business Area

Rockchip Korea Official Agency

  • Rockchip Korea Official Agency
  • Technological development support of mobile & Internet platform
  • Rockchip Android OS development support
  • Rockchip Linux OS development support
Touch Screen Device

Bluetooth, Haptic ,Products related to medical devices

  • Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth accessory for Smartphone.
  • Development in linkage with audio for Smartphone.
  • Smart Hearing-aid, and diagnostic agent equipment are under development.

Space recognition gyro solution development and production

  • Wireless space recognition presenter “zmotion” development.
  • Entry level presenter “zmotion III” development.
  • Smart TV/IPTV space recognition input device development.

Digital embeded system solution development

  • DSC(Digital Still Camera) development bound for samsung electronics.
  • DVD player, DVD recorder, DPF(Digital Photo Frame) solution development for samsung electronics.
  • Total solution development for camera.